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I am a born entrepreneur with decades of experience in real estate, service and security industry among other things. At the same time I have built a particularly strong network of contacts which I leverage in everyday work. Bringing the right employee and employer together requires experience and an eye for opportunities.

That's why I like meeting new people and interpreting them. I believe that everyone has something to give, and each has something to learn.

Both at work and in my spare time, I enjoy playing for the team; it is great to be part of a well-functioning community, and I am particularly pleased with the success of others. However, I also enjoy individual sports and relaxing in nature, for example fishing.

Salma Mansoori


+358 50 516 6673

Dedicated and experienced customer service representative and construction worker for over a year. I have good leadership skills, I am productive, and I have practical experience in the retail, construction, and production tasks. I handle complex situations and challenges well. In nature, I am conscientious, enthusiastic, adaptable, and a team player.

My work includes recruitment, documentation, marketing, maintaining employee payroll records, managing employment relationships, and drafting contracts with clients.

I believe that everyone has something to learn and contribute as long as they are given the opportunity.